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 Crash's B-Gear Tips & Tricks

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PostSubject: Crash's B-Gear Tips & Tricks   Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:18 pm

Credits to Crash


From My experience, dueling is just as much a test of skill as it is a test of patience and timing.

Seeing as Everything a b-gear does offensively has to be timed and usually anticipated a bit, jumping the gun on anything usually gets you downed very fast versus another i or bgear, and m gears with ace arrows, a gear is a whole different play ground in itself which ill get to later....

To start, let's go with ABM...

In any given open aerial situation, ABM is a bgears primary offensive,(at least now it is).

There's obviously two steps to abming your opponent, and of course a 3rd if you dont wanna get pummeled .

The toggle: Well, u tap a button basically, but when you tap or how many time you tap it is the key..
A good precaution is to turn it on early, this is for novices who aren't completely on top of thier abm abilities. Similarly, toggling early and out of your opponents sight can trick them into thinking your going to toggle it very late and proximity hit them, but really you can bash em by releasing very early or waiting if youd like.

Also, you can fake out your opponent, by tapping abm on and off real quick when your far enough away, then as you get close pull it at the last second after they've wasted a roll and get em in a collision with your missile release.

Step 2, The Shot: Right, so considering your abm is toggled on, and your beaming at your opponent, your main goal is to either juke them and get in a full shot before or after they decide to roll, or to leave them not enough time to react to your shot by being very aggressive with your turns, or via the Turn-around skill...

I reccomend mixing it up if your comfortable with all your skills and how to utilize them in relation to your opponents position.

If you're just getting abm worked out, i reccomend picking one tactic and following it through until you get good, stacking onto that gives you your own style of dueling and being unique makes you much harder to kill, but that's only if you can execute everything cleanly and confidently. Patience and fluency is the first step, Aggresiveness and Improvisation is the second.

releasing your missiles in a unpredictable pattern is your best bet on getting a hit, and if you can lead your opponent off before you fire abm's hgonna work wonders for you as it gets easier and easier.

Step 3. The Roll: Versus a bgear, a roll after your missile release is CRITICAL. now if your dueling someone who loves to mess with you, he might make you roll before you can fire by releasing super early and long ranging you, so basically just put the roll as your first step and you'll be fine.

Rolling is something you can't teach really, you just gotta watch the guy aiming at you and try to get it timed so as many missiles as possible miss you. with a bgear shooting at you, (below level 78 of course ;D) this is fairly easy. with i gears, i suggest zooming to one side to get thier missiles clustered into one spot so when you come to face with them, you have a large amount of missiles in the same proximity for you to be able to cleanly roll.

So again, creating an angle for locked missiles to follow and getting them closer together allows you to roll them with more ease.


So, you ready for some shotgunning? Unfortunately, shotgunning on a bgear isn't like what it was in the old days, where we not only had proximity, but anything beneath was caught in an unrollable trap of serious hurt. Despite it's nerf, the GBM is still the hardest hitting attack a bgear can preform to an opponent if it is timed and shot correctly aerially.

And of course, against someone on the ground or very close to it( tanks or very low flying feathering i gears ;D) The splash damage and the fact that a sieged tank can't roll makes it a One hit kills All Attack.

Now, when your taking on someone in the air, it's very difficult to explain what you have to do to hit them, you've gotta manage not only them shooting at you, but anticipating thier location so you can pop em at the right time or by feathering into them kamikaze style to blind side them. sounds easy but it can be a BI***, especially against i gears.

When your shotgunning someone at close range, you of course want to lead-off your opponent, which means place your cursor far enough in front of them so that your missiles will intercept them as they fly in that direction. There's so many variables with this that you plainly have to get a feel for it, take into consideration how fast theyre already going, if there going downward or not, if they see you coming in toward them, and how long ago they just rolled. You get used to it, plain and simple.

Charge Shotting

Press Button, get within your radars range, shoot, laugh at the evasion build i gear as they plummet.


RIGHT. so, as any i or bgear know's, you can't hit what you can't effing see, and you can't dodge what comes at you out of your reaction abilities. TA+ abm is claimed as abusive, cheap and harsh. (But your able to do it, so ya might as well use it )

K so the Turn-around skill, as you know, instantly whips your line of sight in a 180 degree fasion BEFORE your gear actually makes the 180 rotation, giving you a window to activate abm/ gbm after you roll and hit the TA button.

If the enemy is close and directly behind you, it's probably best to roll, then activate TAand abm the bejeebus out of them instantly. You have to be fast about it though so the person can't roll fast enough to dodge the bash.

It works best if you are able to either get the person into a position where they wont be able to roll it in time or also, get out of sight and blind side them with a sneaky change of direction.

Example as Garvin said, get em at your level, go behind a rock/ cliff / whatever as theyre chasing you, and TA right before they get behind it with you, and pull the ta-abm manuever. not only do you kill them or severely weaken them, but you make them crap thier pants, giving you some bonus time as they panic.

(the key with TA is to keep looking behind you and to adjust your speed accordingly. It's fairly easy, but by over anticipating or cutting it to close, you can get your sh1t rocked by the other guy.

BMM. Many B gears love this one, I call it "The Slam"...

Basically, you get some distance on your opponent as they chase you, then you look behind real quick as you slow down a bit so they can get closer. With my move, i like to get perpendicular to 45 degrees from the guys flight path, and bmm to the side of him and in an upward fashion, it's better than directly behind because u wont be able to blind side him if he looks behind him, and you won' get the downward boost speed...

now, you simply aggresively zoom in kamikaze style and finish him up with an abm or a gbm if your feeling comfortable about it. Game Ova'.

Similarly, you can use TA and bmm to mess with youropponents head and get a better angle on the fight.
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Posts : 53
Join date : 2008-06-28
Location : Mission Viejo, CA

PostSubject: Re: Crash's B-Gear Tips & Tricks   Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:18 pm


Quite simply, an in experienced b gear versus an m gear who knows how to use reverse engine and a good perception of rolling is a slaughter-fest, in which the bgear get's slaughtered...

now, against mgears of the same level, they gain a serious advantage. as you know, a b-gears bombing skills must be launched in a fashion where the missiles need to intercept the target. now, with an i or bgear, this is a bit simple, because iin order for them to shot at you, they need to be facing at you and going TOWARD you. Obviously with an mgear, they can be moving AWAY from you and looking at you. This Give's them a huge offensive advantage and an even larger defensive one, on top of the fact that most have enough defense to seriously take some damage from a landed abm shot, which is a hard shot to land...

however, there are a few techniques that can make an m gear at least sweat enough so you can land some hard hits consecutively so they dont hit hard enough.


K, for me, i like to adjust my speed according to my location to the other gear. basically, you wan't to stay as close as possible, so speed up as fast as you can when your heading toward the front/firing end of thier gear, and as soon as you pull past them, turn as sharp as you possibly can and pull the brakes a little before you leave ur first shot off, that way you can double back on the m-gear who probably rolled and toggled his reverse engine and is now faced away from the rear of your jet. slwing down right before the launch gives you the ability to make that turn enough so that even tho m gear might roll it, you can blind side him on the next shot by speeding at his back end before he can pull that 180 into reverse and face you, and his roll wont be available in time.


STAY AS CLOSE AND FAST AS POSSIBLE. soon as you give an mgear REing(reverse engining) away from you with a good 1500 window, you are gonna see a clous of prob reattack power arrows coming at your face to light you up, let's try to avoid this and give them as little room to make a target lock on you as possible. i reccomend, changing your angle of attack randomly, and turn off autobalance, you can typically get tighter in on them at angles where they wont be expecting you to come in from as you loop around them.

Wide turns are only useful if youve already got an f load iof missiles on you and you need to boost away from them and at your opponent. staying in nice and tight is where you can put the pressure on your opponent, where they have little time to react, and in order to heal ok theyre gonna need to pull away and focus on the HEAL ITSELF, giving you more windows to pummell em as they try to escape for a second, and might make em choke and mess up a roll. A full on gbm hit tends to scare other gears, if not completely annihilating them with one hit.


Nice and tight. The best way is to strafe normally when going in a circle, keeping your direction the same, then a little less than half the complete turn through you throw your jet to the opposite side by strafing with the opposite button. By doing this, if you strafe to the direction your turning at that critical moment, the strafe brings your plane into an exact 180 or more to that of your original path before the turn. I-Gears love it because they can maintain high speeds while turning sharper in a chase fight, but you can use it while going slow to get around to your opponent SUPER tight. m gears can use thier reverse engine to keep thier momentum AND change thier facing position, so the best time is to catch them in this transition and blind side them with an abm or gbm if your confident you can land it,( a gbm is much more efficient with your re-fire time, and seriously depletes most any m gears shield, a lot of the time into a good chunk of energy.

Dirty Little Tricks.

I told you about auto balance right? turn it off, and you can pull the old "make the m gear go reverse up wards". move. basically you fly low, VERY low, get your self under the M gear while he tries to lock you, and beam up at his belly. if he takes the bait, he'll/ she'll slam his/her re key on if it's off, and go directly upwards....
Now, there are many different ways this can go, try to utilize what you think the person will do in reaction....
There's the first option, in which while you plummet at him, toggle your abm on and off real quick, hopefully mr. mgear will roll in confusion/ fear of there being lag in play/ nerves. now, that little sucker is a dead stop in the middle of the air with no choice but go down or try and get his re accelerating fast enough in time to evade your REAL shot.he can straf to the side if he's smart, but if your smart too, whack on your gbm and send a perpencular set of missiles, flying out of your ship andbeaming out the bottom, flying horizontally before they drop and drilling him as he tries to zip away inverted, get's em most of the time. similarly, if there really clse to you, and your close to the ground, he might choke because of your toggle and shot and trigger his re off to get behind you and slam himself into the ground, and his massive defense won't matter because of that type of blow.

Dirty little trick 2. The abm / turn around fake-out.

pretty simple, charge at him toggle abm when you extremely close to him so he thinks he has to roll or he might get hit. get behind him about 50 m, pull the Turn-around, and let the real abm fire, giving them no way to dodge.

The " I are Reverse engine wannabee lawl" manuever.

K, so first make your run at them, and try to hit them normally with an abm/ gbm. after you either hit or miss, make a turn to the left or right so that you will fly in front of thier reverse engining ship as they bombard you as you fly away from them. Now just roll, hit bmm, and watch the sucker try and turn around gast enough to look at you, who just flew right back past him with your abm pointed up his arse.

This move works best if you get about 3/4 of the total bmm distance away from him so you have enough time to toggle abm, and he doesnt have enough time to turnaround to face you and roll, which is usually PLENTY of time .

3rd dirty little not a trick..Get fcking random.

mess with his head, fake toggles are a life saver, and so are random ta and bmm's to blind side the mgear at whatever intervals you can. Your the hornet, he's the guy who just pissed you off by whacking your hive and he's got raid insect killer, youve got your stinger which you get close to him and poke his ass to doom. Think Squirrely my friend, you can't be predictable, or he'll just watch you fly in his view and lob missiles the entire time.Good Luck.

up next dueling the noob gear. I mean uh, doh, I-Gear, tthaaaat's it ;D.


Weell, ze king of ze skies.... the i gear, used to be the most overpowered hunk of flying steel ever, then the bgears got that ability and I-gear player suicides increase by 250%, and a 999999999999% increase in useless ner whining....

Although the i gear doesn't deal as much damage as a bgear in one blow, it's faster firing missile types and it's ability to have missiles lock onto you give it the ability to do more damage overa period of time.

Now, the trick to defeating an enemy that has to have time to lock on to you and get off multiple volleys is obviously this.....


A good B-gear will typically to try and stay in as close as possible on the fast moving i gear in order to allow them at MAX one volley to lock, in which the bgear shud be able to dodge. Obviously, a bgear who run's is effed, so aggresiveness is KEY.

Dueling I gears Is fairly simple, but thier turnaround and back move mach is the one thing that leads to most i gear victories.

If you can't get an i gear off your ass, i suggest using the environment to get his arrows or other missiles off your tail and THEN worry about coming straight at him, other wise, your aggressiveness puts you at serious risk of getting multiple cloud like volleys of missiles decking your b-gear into submission. Even If youre feathering 420, arrows are gonna hit you due to lag, cause really that i gear may be close than you anticipate, and you have to take explosion radius into perspective.

In order to Kill an i gear, you gotta make em sweat. The only way you can beat an i gear is by forcing them into error, this is how bgears have to utilize thier strategy seeing as how long it takes for thier next volley of bawoos, you need to make each attack hit, ideally. The faster a b-gear can manipulate the opponent into making an early or late roll, the faster that i gear's gonna be takin a dirt nap.

Really you just have to go with the flow With this one. You don't dictate the location of the fight, the I gear is faster, so he can bring you where ever he wants and THEN fight you. The only way a bgear gets a hit in is if it gets in close. How close you keep that i gear on average thus determines how much damage he can do to you, so go fast and stay on him, as close as you can.
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Crash's B-Gear Tips & Tricks
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