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 Lulz from irc

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PostSubject: Lulz from irc   Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:17 am

[18:37] Riitta> We're dead even in NCP
[18:37] MyLittle_> need to find clean acids
[18:37] Salty> i could start playing this week starting wednesday
[18:37] Riitta> It's not the grind to 7x that sucks, it's the "restarting", and the grind at 8x+
[18:37] fluffer> the idea of being able to grief the everlasting shit out of scrib and him throwing tantrums over leaderchat is very appealing
[18:37] @borN> note to self kill salty wednesday
[18:38] Salty> you can't kill me
[18:38] Riitta> well
[18:38] Riitta> we definitely make scrib cry a lot
[18:38] Riitta> since he is subleader now he does it often
[18:38] Riitta> some new goons bcu think are hackers as well cause they kick the shit out them

[20:48] LittleDagger> Also, dont hate me just because im 86 now.
[20:48] LittleDagger> I feel so unloved ;_;
[20:48] fluffer> if you grind my gear i will
[20:48] fluffer> YOU ARE STILL A SHIT B-GEAR OK
[20:49] LittleDagger> YEAH
[20:49] LittleDagger> IM STILL A SHIT BGEAR.
[20:49] LittleDagger> WHY THE HATE PEOPLE
[20:49] fluffer> even a shit b-gear with the 86 engine is still relatively dangerous
[20:49] fluffer> see scrib
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Lulz from irc
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